Chain waxing – initial coating for a new chain

The most complicated part of chain waxing is stripping off the initial lubricant from a new chain – often difficult to do at home.

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Why should you choose Chain Waxing by OKR CYCLES?

We recommend using this option for riders that already have a stack of new spare chains at disposal, so going for a complete OKR CYCLES Waxed chain is not necessary.

The most complicated part of transferring to a waxed chain is stripping off the initial lubricant from a new chain. These tend to be quite heavy greases, that cling to the metal surface of the chain. For most brands, they are extremely difficult to remove in a home environment. To achieve the best possible result with the initial wax coating, a thorough removal is required.

After you send your chain in for chain waxing, please allow for 5-7 work days for application.

On each treated chain, we use a three stage heated ultrasonic process. This takes around 3 hours and strips the chain to the bare metal surface, making it ready to accept the wax coating.

We use the traditional slow cooker method to cover the chain with Molten Speedwax. This is our lubricant of choice, as it consistently ranks among the highest performers in independent testing. We recommend you to use a compatible quick link for ease of use.

A single application of wax lasts around 400-600km in dry conditions. We also highly recommend Molten Speedwax for wet and off-road use. Molten Speed Wax is also compatible with wax based drip lubricants, such as the Silca Super Secret or  the Ceramicspeed UFO range.

You can further increase the performance of your waxed chain by applying Molten Speedwax Race powder. If you want to skip the hassle of the application, you can request it here and we will apply it for you.

If you want maximum performance for a high priority event, check out our ICE Friction chains.

For more information about chain waxing and drivetrain optimisation, join the Rony Kuba Discord Group.

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