Road/gravel bike fitting

Whether you’re a competitive road cyclist or a weekend warrior, our Road Bike Fitting service is the key to unlocking your full potential. Gain a competitive edge and ride with the confidence that comes from a perfectly Road/Gravel bike.

108.00 exc. tax


Enhance your road cycling experience with our specialized Road Bike Fitting service.

Our skilled professionals will meticulously analyze your riding posture, fine-tuning your bike setup for comfort and efficiency.

With adjustments to saddle height, handlebar reach, and more, you’ll enjoy an optimized riding position. This process minimizes strain and maximizes power transfer.

Whether you’re a dedicated road cyclist or a casual rider, our Road Bike Fitting service ensures a comfortable and performance-driven setup tailored to your unique needs. Ride confidently and prevent discomfort or injury with a perfectly adjusted road bike.

During a road bike fitting, you will have the option to try various saddles and components from our product range.

We will confirm your booking via email, where we set a suitable time and date for your session. Please reserve at least 1.5h for the fitting process itself. It might take up to 2-3h depending on the specifics of your bike setup and physiological attributes. For the session, you will need your cycling shorts or skinsuit, cycling shoes and ideally your helmet of choice as well.

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