Personalized cycling coaching

Elevate your cycling journey with our Personalized Cycling Coaching service.

141.00 exc. tax


Elevate your cycling journey with our Personalized Cycling Coaching service.

Our experienced coach – Ronald Kuba – will craft a tailored training program to match your unique goals, abilities, and schedule.

Receive expert guidance, structured workouts, and valuable insights to help you reach your peak performance, whether you’re a novice or an advanced rider. Stay motivated with continuous support, performance tracking, and adjustments as you progress. With personalized cycling coaching, you’ll optimize your riding technique, build endurance, and achieve your cycling objectives with confidence. It’s time to unlock your full potential on the road or trail – invest in your cycling success today.

The price applies for a monthly period (169€ including VAT/month) and includes the following:

– weekly training plan managed through Training Peaks. A TP premium subscription is also available, if you are interested in a more in-depth self analysis of your workout. In practice however, this is not really necessary.

– analysis of your workout metrics and compliance, minimum 1x/week

– building of an annual training plan (ATP) and setting up the training structure

– consultation regarding equipment, strategy, nutrition and event specific preparation, 1x/week

– pacing strategy optimization through

– preferential treatment and discounts for bike fitting, aero testing and other products and services

– free access to the Discord community



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