ICE Friction Chain

The ICE Friction Chain is a specially treated low friction chain for race applications.

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The ICE Friction Chain is a specially treated low friction chain for race applications.

Maximum efficiency is achieved using the following steps:

  • Break-in: Simulated 250-watt rider output for 15 minutes.

    • Removes and polishes microscopic asperities – rough edges.

  • Striping: Factory coating removed in a 5 – step solvent free ultrasonic cleaning process.

    • Striping of factory coating is critical to achieve low friction levels.

  • ICED Coating: Chain is infused with a waxed based lubrication cocktail.

    • Chain is preheated to 200 °F prior to coating.

    • Wax-Teflon-molybdenum disulfide graphite mixture applied using hot ultrasonic immersion.

  • Top Coat: Final coat of ultra-fine low friction particles applied to chain.

    • Ultra-fine low friction flake particles applied using HIP – Hot Isostatic Press process.

  • Final Testing: Chain friction is measured using simulated 250-watt output.

    • Savings of over 6-watts typically achieved compared to conventional lubrication methods.

If you need a waxed chain for regular use, check out our more affordable OKR CYCLES Waxed chains.

A single application of wax lasts around 400-600km in dry conditions. We also highly recommend Molten Speedwax for wet and off-road use. Molten Speed Wax is also compatible with wax based drip lubricants, such as the Silca Super Secret or  the Ceramicspeed UFO range.

If you want to know more about chain waxing and drivetrain optimisation, join the Rony Kuba Discord Group.


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Shimano 12-speed M9100, Shimano 11-speed HG901


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