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Completely strip and prep your chain for wax in 5 minutes. Submerge the chain or even just drip it on the chain, rinse, and apply super secret. Take all the work and harsh chemicals out of chain waxing!

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Far and away, the largest hurdle for people converting to a waxed drivetrain has always been the need to completely strip the factory lubricant from the chain. Without doing this first,  the wax will not properly adhere.  Traditional methods have involved using 2-3 different solvents and rinse steps, moving from non-polar solvents that thin greases and oils to progressively more polar solvents that evaporate quickly to eliminate residues.
For the design of SILCA Chain Stripper, we started from the end and worked backwards. We identified chemicals which drive out greases and oils while promoting wax adhesion to metal.  The result is an organic cleaner that lifts and encapsulates greases and oils so you can easily rinse them away from the metal surface.  Silca CHAIN STRIPPER is the world’s first wax optimized chain cleaner which not only removes greases and oils, but actually primes the metal surface for improved adhesion from wax lubricants.
The aggressive ‘lift and encapsulate’ action of SILCA chain stripper allows for 2 quick and easy cleaning options.

How to use it?

Option 1: For hot-melt waxing a new, factory chain with SILCA Secret Blend Hot Melt, simply immerse the chain in the Stripper and agitate 30 seconds.  Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes and agitate again for 30 seconds.  Remove the chain from the Stripper and rinse with water and then drop the chain directly into the hot wax. The water will boil off within a few minutes and the chain will be fully waxed.  The application life will be 30% longer than a chain cleaned by traditional methods.

Option 2: For drip applied waxing of a new or nearly new chain with SILCA Super Secret without removing the chain from the bicycle.  Apply 1 drop of SILCA Chain Stripper to each roller of the chain while backpedalling.  Allow to soak for 5 minutes.  Backpedal 10 revolutions of the crank to agitate cleaner and re-apply 1 drop per roller allowing to sit for 5 more minutes.  Rinse with clean water while backpedalling at least 10 revolutions.
What is it:  SILCA Chain Stripper is a highly concentrated, biodegradable degreaser combined with a wax adhesion promoter (primer). It allows for fast, single step preparation of factory chains for waxing and also improves wax adhesion and increases longevity.  SILCA Chain Stripper reduces the time and number of chemicals required to properly prep a factory greased chain to less than 10 minutes. You can use it to prepare chains on bicycle for drip wax application.

Biodegradable / eco-friendly

Cleans chain in 10 minutes

Improves wax treatment adhesion

Strip chain on or off bike

Made in USA

If you want to save yourself the hassle, check out our range of pre-waxed chains.

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Weight 750 g


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