About us

Bicycle service by ronykuba.com was borne out of passion for cycling and the experience I have gathered throughout my career. During the years, as I have climbed my way through the ranks, starting from local races all the way to the World Championships. This journey has enabled me to gather insights that are not widely available to most cyclists. Consequently, having used and abused most of the high-end equipment available on the market right now, I have curated a selection of parts and accessories that will serve each cycling enthusiast on the way to achieving their goals.

Aside from a selection of fine products, I also offer a coaching and consultation service to fine tune your preparation and race strategies for maximum effect.

Obviously, if it is the bike of your dreams that you are looking after, we are able to assist with every aspect of it, from choosing the components, determining the fit and customizing the finish, all the way to the eventual maintenance tasks. In each case, we are passionate about providing the highest quality of bicycle service possible.

Finally, there is the option of aerodynamic testing – Ideal for riders that are looking to maximize their speed on course and join the list of National Champions that have benefited from our expertise.

Services on offer:

  • Online consultation regarding training, bike fitting, bike optimization, maintenance, compatibility etc.
  • Bike optimization/race preparation
  • Personalized coaching
  • Custom bike builds, custom paint
  • Custom aerobar design and execution (via Speeco Tech)
  • Custom paint
  • Carbon repairs and modifications
  • Bike maintenance, detailing and repairs
  • Custom Wheel building
  • Bike fitting
  • Aerodynamic testing
  • Online cycling community