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Looks like gun powder but makes your chain faster than a speeding bullet. MSW Race Powder is the final application step for no holds barred performance on race day.

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MOLTEN SPEEDWAX Race Powder Slashes friction by 6% as tested by This perfect blend of Molybdenum disulfide and PTFE is applied by brush and features outstanding longevity. Because it’s dry powder no dirt can hitch a ride on your clean, waxed chain. When absolutely every second counts, load the barrel with Race Powder for your most explosive performance.

Use MOLTEN SPEEDWAX Race Powder in combination with the MSW Hot Wax formula.

One 55g container of MSW Race Powder prepares a minimum of 20 chains.

A single application of wax lasts around 400-600km in dry conditions. We also highly recommend Molten Speedwax for wet and off-road use. Molten Speed Wax is also compatible with wax based drip lubricants, such as the Silca Super Secret or  the Ceramicspeed UFO range.

If you want to know more about chain waxing and drivetrain optimisation, join the Rony Kuba Discord Group.

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