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Blending new age science with old-world technique, MSPEEDWAX delivers remarkable drive train efficiency and dirt repellency in the most demanding conditions.

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Your chain and it´s lubricant are the biggest contributors to the overall friction level of your drivetrain. Together, their effect on friction losses that you experience while riding is bigger than all of the other components combined. (chainrings, bearings, cassettes, pulley wheels). Subsequently, optimization in this area can lead to significant gains in overall drivetrain longevity and performance. This translates into saving not only crucial watts, but also costs when replacing parts.

Why immersive waxing?

Immersive waxing has proven to be the most efficient method of chain lubrication in independent testing. Molten Speedwax was one of the first products to break the mold when it comes to efficiency, and it still ranks in the top spot. The new formula uses Tungsten Disulfide as a friction modifier, reducing friction even further. A refined manufacturing process means that the wax has a better “grip” on the metal surface of the chain. As a result, coating durability is improved. Due to the nature of immersive waxing, the chain also receives a deep clean every time it is rewaxed. This process flushes out all contaminants and metal shavings.

450g (2 wax pucks) of Molten Speedwax coats a minimum of 10 training chains or 16 race chains. We recommend replacing your wax every 2-3 months for optimal performance. Molten Speedwax now shipped in an eco friendly paper based packaging.

A single application of wax lasts around 400-600km in dry conditions. We also highly recommend Molten Speedwax for wet and off-road use. Molten Speed Wax is also compatible with wax based drip lubricants, such as the Silca Super Secret or  the Ceramicspeed UFO range.

If you want to know more about chain waxing and drivetrain optimisation, join the Rony Kuba Discord Group.

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