Outdoor Aero Testing

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Aero testing is the ultimate end-stage position optimisation service for athletes devoted to improving time trial performance. In these disciplines, performance comes down to Watts per coefficient of drag (CdA) and the ability to consistently maintain an aerodynamic position.

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Time trial performance has been one of my key focuses in the past few years. During this time, we have gathered a number of wins and podium placings in national and international events.

Many riders are looking for the fastest equipment possible, not recognizing the fact that no bike setup will be fast without properly adapting it to the rider using aero testing.

Making changes like these is almost impossible to get right without solid data based feedback, and is guesswork at best. To overcome this challenge, we have developed a testing protocol that enables riders to maximize the potential offered by their equipment, while we also consult on possible upgrades and modifications.

The testing takes places on a secluded stretch of bike path with no motorized traffic, corners or undulations and a perfectly smooth tarmac surface. This ensures the repeatability and consistency of the results. Outdoor aero testing is greatly influenced by the weather conditions. While the equipment can compensate for changes, still conditions are preferable, ideally with gusts below 20km/h. Testing in wet weather is not possible. Temperature is not that much of a factor, but it has to be warm enough so that the rider can still use race equipment on the day. For 2024, we have upgraded to the state of the art Aerosensor system to provide robust and reliable rest results.

Because of these restrictions, the weather forecast will be considered when scheduling your test event. Please inquire via email for further details.

Typical savings range between 15-30W @45km/h

The minimum booking/session length is 2h.

Test helmets on offer:

– Kask Mistral, sizes M/L

– MET Drone, sizes M/L

– Scott Split

– Giro Aerohead

– S-Works TT

Sweet Protection Redeemer MIPS

– Sweet Protection Tucker MIPS

HJC Adwatt

Lazer Volante Kineticore

Other test equipment on offer: HED Vanquish RC6, 8 and Disc wheels, Rule 28 aero socks, overshoes, base layers and skinsuits.

We highly recommend taking part in our TT bike fitting session to maximize the results of aero testing.

For more insights on aero testing, check out our private Discord group.

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