51 Speedshop ULTIMATE -ALLOY 120 Extensions

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Ergonomic extensions suitable for high hand positions

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Available on backorder



Introducing our latest cutting-edge aero extension, a fusion of our renowned industry-standard geometry and shaping, now seamlessly integrated into high-quality alloy material. Designed with precision and innovation, this extension is tailored to meet the specific needs of triathletes and time-trialists. Strategically crafted for high hand positions with unique shaping that hugs the arm, optimizing aerodynamic performance. The 3D shape and relaxed grip angle provides a neutral wrist orientation with exceptional versatility across rotational configurations, prioritizing upper body comfort and control.
Unique extension shaping hugs the arm to optimize aerodynamic performance.

  • Designed for high hand positions to optimize aerodynamic performance.
  • 3D shape with 15mm offset grip provides comfort across rotational configurations.
  • 35 deg grip angle provides a neutral wrist orientation, promoting upper body comfort.
  • 6061 T6 Alloy construction creates an ideal strength to weight ratio.
  • Matte-black paint for a subtle aesthetic.

Conversely, if you need a low/UCI compatible hand position, check out the 51 Speedshop FSM Extensions.

For an added aerodynamic benefit, check out the new 51 Speedshop REV aerobar extensions.

For fitting advice regarding your optimal choice of aerobar extensions, check out our consulting service for an in depth analysis, or join the Rony Kuba Discord group for regular updates on the topic of bike fit and TT bike optimisation.

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