51 Speedshop FSM Carbon Extensions

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Ergonomic carbon aerobar extensions suitable for low/UCI hand positions

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2 in stock (can be backordered)



Rider position is one of the key factors in aero performance. Replace the outdated cockpit components of your TT/Triathlon bike with premium components from 51 Speedshop. The full range of products from the Colorado based aerobar specialist 51 Speedshop is now available from stock exlusively in Europe through

  • The FSM model works best for riders who prefer maximum arm-pad contact with a moderate hand height.
  • 30 deg grip angle a neutral wrist orientation, promoting upper body comfort.
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber construction creates an ideal strength to weight ratio.
  • Trimable  height allows for custom tailoring to deliver the perfect fit.
  • UCI legal in applications where the extension clamp is not tilted
  • Standard 22.2mm clamping interface for a universal fit
  • 51SS extensions work best in combination with 51 Speedshop arm cups, or 51 Speedshop High sided arm cups for more support

If you need a higher hand position, check out the 51 Speedshop Ultimate aerobar extensions.

For an added aerodynamic benefit, check out the new 51 Speedshop REV aerobar extensions.

For fitting advice regarding your optimal choice of aerobar extensions, check out our consulting service for an in depth analysis, or join the Rony Kuba Discord group for regular updates on the topic of bike fit and TT bike optimisation.

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