Tactic Racing hubs – Axial-Fix hub axles (Limited pre-order)

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Aftermarket hub axles designed to eliminate hub bearing play/binding issues of Tactic racing hubs.

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Why Tactic?

We have started offering Princeton Carbonworks wheels based on demand from our clients in late 2022. With the hype built up around their Team Ineos sponsorship, plus the stratospheric price tag, we were expecting them to be a real gem.  Even more so when paired with their own, very exotic Tactic Racing hubs.

With the progression of time though, unfortunately the opposite became true. The under-engineered faulty design of these hubs proved catastrophic in many cases. “Thanks” to their design, they operate either  with excessive play or binding in the bearings. Axial loading is the root of the problems here, as described in detail in one of my YT videos. With no real remedy being offered by the manufacturer, we have decided to go out on a limb and design a proper solution. After more than 8 months of testing and development, we are finally able to offer this solution to you:

My bearings are ruined and the wheel has play, what now?

The model that is worst affected seems to be the Mach 7580 TS. The narrow flanges and aero profiling makes axial loading of the bearings even more pronounced. For this, we have developed a complete hub axle with the aero matched profile on the non-disc side. Bearing pre-load is adjusted by a threaded collar. After precise adjustment, you can secure this using a double grub-screw fixing system neatly housed within the Center Lock disc mounting interface. The end-caps are also modified slightly, to offer a bit more clearance and aid with compatibility.

For the rear hub, we have constructed an complete axle in a similar fashion. Just like the tri-spoke version, it is equipped with a threaded bearing pre-load adjuster. We have primarily designed it to fit the Blur V3 disc wheel. However, these share the internals all rear Tactic racing hubs, so they will work on all spoked wheels.

How can I fix my wheels?

The development and testing of the axles is now complete, with the first unit ready to be manufactured. As it is a rather niche product, we are making it in small batches of a limited quantity. To make sure you get your parts as soon as possible, we recommend you to put in your pre-order as soon as possible.

Thorough installation instructions will be provided by the end of May, when the first units will start shipping.

Both Tactic racing hubs axle types are precision machined from high grade aluminium alloys and anodized black.

Additional information

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Front – 7580Tri-Spoke, Rear – All Tactic Disc hubs


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