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The HED premium valve extenders are designed for Presta valve stems with removable valve cores.  These extenders thread into the valve stem, allowing you to control whether the valve is shut or open.

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NOTE: We recommend pre-installing a spare extender on to your spare inner tube or spare tubular tire.  Doing so will greatly improve your flat-changing time on the road, especially in high-pressure race situations.

40mm fits Stinger 3/4/6, Jet 4/5/6, Vanquish 4/6/Disc
Installation tool included
Sold in pairs

Use the supplied tool to unthread the valve core from your Presta valve.  Cover the valve extender threads with a couple wraps of Teflon plumber’s tape.  Firmly thread the HED extender into the valve stem; you know that there is enough Teflon tape if you feel some resistance while threading on the extender.  Finally, thread the valve core in to the end of the HED extender.

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Weight 100 g


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