DT Swiss Pro Lock Squorx Pro Head Aluminium Nipples 2.0mm

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The newly developed Squorx nipple (short for Square-Torx nipple), is a part of the Pro Head Reinforcement System and provides a precise fit between nipple and wrench.

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49 in stock


This dual purpose design allows for increased precision during wheel building at the factory and service due to the torx interface on top. For convenience, Squorx nipples also feature a standard square interface at the bottom for adjustment anytime using a standard square nipple wrench.

The light Squorx aluminium nipple are suited for competition wheelsets and high profile rims. Because of its spherical contact are it align itself to the spoke angle.

DT Pro Lock® technology:

The patented locking system is based on a special pre-applied dual compound adhesive, which coats the nipple threads. As soon as the nipples are twisted, the dual compound adhesive starts to react and is completely hardened after 6 – 7 hours. If necessary, the wheel can be used immediately after assembling. The wheel can be completely re-trued several times, but the adhesive effect decreases with each re-truing.

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