Vittoria Geax MTB tires 50×622 2pcs

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Discover superior traction and durability with Vittoria Geax MTB tires. Engineered for off-road performance, these tires offer exceptional grip and puncture resistance. Crafted with quality materials, they provide reliability and control on various terrains, perfect for riders seeking enhanced performance and confidence on their mountain bike adventures.

All products marked as “used and/or refurbished” are exempt from the right of cancellation and due to their nature possess no manufacturer warranty (or any other form of warranty), unless specifically noted otherwise. Each of these products is inspected before being put on sale to ensure quality, safety and functionality.

Despite this step, there is always a possibility that something might go wrong and you receive a faulty product. In case a problem arises with a product after within 14 days of delivery, we require you to communicate the issue without any undue delay. Due to the unique nature of these products, replacement is often not possible or feasible. Because of this reason, we will collect faulty products to look for a possible repair or alternative. In case that this step fails, we will refund the faulty product or offer store credit for compensation.

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