TUBOLIGHT Puncture Prevention Insert – gravel

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TUBOLIGHT Puncture Prevention Insert | CX 700c

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Probably the fastest and lightest puncture protection in the world.

TUBOLIGHT was developed according to the wishes and preferences of racing cyclists in the XC and DH World Cups. The centerpiece is the round made of a specially created PE compound with an extremely low density (16 kg / m³). In contrast to products from other manufacturers, this not only makes it very light, but also insusceptible to liquids and sealants. TUBOLIGHTS do not absorb sealing milk!

Through the use of the resistant material, the puncture protection retains its effectiveness for a long time and defies even slight damage. The patented air and sealant flow channel does not require any special valves, so the sealing milk can be filled in without any problems and the air pressure can be optimally adjusted.

After assembly, the puncture protection centers itself and takes on the shape of the rim in the lower part. This has the advantage that it protects where it should protect – on the rim flange. At the same time, it increases the pressure of the tire bead / sidewall on the rim, which in turn prevents unwanted tire burps and thus prevents air loss. TUBOLIGHTS have excellent emergency running properties in flat terrain, which enable you to arrive at the destination and provide complete protection for the rim even if the tire is completely lost.

Technical specifications:

Material: PE compound foam with extremely low density

Compatibility: all tubeless-capable wheels and cyclocross tires, regardless of brand

Tire size: 28 “| 700c

Sizes / tire width: 30 mm to 37 mm

intended use : cyclocross

Recommended rim width: up to 24 mm

Additional information

Weight 100 g

29 700C



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