Make punctures a thing of the past with the power of carbon fiber infused sealant. The recycled carbon fibers provide structure to seal the largest punctures while maintaining longevity of endurance specific formulas. Made in the USA

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Effective down to 10F/ -12C

Seals 7.5mm holes for up to 6mo

You must pour Silca ULTIMATE TUBELESS SEALANT into tire during install

Not injector compatible (It seals holes bigger than

your valve)

Use Replenisher every 90-120 days for best


6, 9, and 12mm recycled carbon fibers are dispersed evenly by a foaming latex to create ultra strong seals

CO2 can be used to seat tires. Remove it as soon as possible and replace it with air to preserve life of sealant

Made in the USA

How does it work?

SILCA Ultimate Tubeless Sealant uses the power of a foaming latex formula. We have combined this with chopped carbon fibers to boost sealing power even at higher pressures. Silca ULTIMATE TUBELESS SEALANT contains 5% by volume, 6, 9, and 12mm chopped carbon fibers. We have reclaimed the fibers from recycled bicycles, carbon wheels, racecars, and aircraft components. A unique foaming latex formula allows for the very lightweight carbon fibers to be evenly dispersed within the sealant while riding. This allows for a higher fiber content than possible with Kevlar or fiberglass. With this high fiber loading, the sealant carries bundles of carbon fiber directly to the puncture. The sealant flows where thousands of micro-bubbles collapse on each other, depositing their high stiffness carbon fibers over the hole. During this process, the carbon fibers form a dam of fibers against the tire casing not unlike a beaver dam of sticks blocking the flow of a stream. This dam of high stiffness/high strength fibers can seal holes in up to 7.5mm in diameter – some 25% larger than conventional technologies.

After the Silca ULTIMATE TUBELESS SEALANT seals the puncture, it leaves that area of the tire with a zone of carbon fiber reinforced latex bridging the top and bottom of the hole, helping to reduce the likelihood of future punctures in that area when compared to other sealant additives such as cornmeal, glitter, or fiberglass.

This superior sealing ability and hole reinforcing ability of the carbon fiber also allows for a higher concentration of anti-freeze agents in the sealant which means more effective sealing at low temperatures (6mm holes seal at 18deg F/ -7deg C), as well as longer lasting sealant (7-9months depending on humidity).

How long does it last?

We recommend adding replenisher every 90-120 days depending on temperature and humidity where you live (see chart) to rejuvenate the sealant. Replenisher can also be used to replenish sealant on very porous tires during initial install. Some casing tires are very porous and will experience weeping of sealant throughout the casing sidewalls. Testing shows that weeping sidewalls can reduce sealant volume by 30% during the install, while also accelerating the aging of the sealant. Adding 30-50% of sealant volume back with the replenisher can ensure optimum performance and maximum life.

Check out my Discord group for more information on tubeless setups.

Additional information

Weight 350 g

236ml, 473ml, 946ml


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