SILCA 254 Gasket for Hiro V2 Head

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High quality and long lasting elastomer seal for Silca air pumps. A completely new development that replaces the well-known rubber seal. The use of the elastomer material increases the service life by a factor of five.

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8 in stock (can be backordered)


The special design resists even the highest pressures and provides a firm hold on the valve. Fits SILCA Hiro V2 pump head.

Made in the USA

The supply of spare parts for SILCA will remain available in the next 25 years, and probably still far beyond, which offers an unrivaled advantage over competitors. This will keep you working for a long time.

Technical specifications:

Material: Elastomer

Compatibility: SILCA Hiro V2 pump head

Part number: 254

Red color

Weight: 1g


Additional information

Weight 100 g


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