K-EDGE Pro Road Braze-on Chain Catcher

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The Pro Braze-On Chain Catcher from K-EDGE is used by most professional cyclists and pro teams around the world, in all types of racing including prestigious Olympic Games, World Championships, and Grand Tours, such as the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, and Giro d ’Italia.

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2 in stock



The Pro model features designed to improve on our original K-EDGE Chain Catcher design:

  • Easier Installation – Independent setup and installation of front derailleur and the K-EDGE Chain Catcher
  • Stronger – Separate and lower attachment /adjustment bolt equates to stronger hold ensuring the chain cannot drop below the chain catcher
  • Optimized Design – Unique curved ramp profile enables quicker chain engagement with the chainring while eliminating dropped chains

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Weight 150 g


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