Framesandgear Aero GoPro Mount Add On

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Framesandgear Aero GoPro mount add on suitable for Framesandgear Garmin and Wahoo mounts.

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2 in stock


This Aero version of our GoPro mount has a flatter surface, for a slightly more aerodynamic setup.

The GoPro mount can be fixed in different positions, and adds to all our CNC aluminum mounts. When fitting the GoPro Mount to one of our mounts, it is possible to add lights, a GoPro, external battery and other add-on devices.

Light, durable and easy to install. The GoPro mount is created of CNC one cut aluminum. The mount is directly ready to be fitted.

Weight: 10 grams.

Fitting bolts are included, no additional hardware needed

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Weight 150 g


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