ELITE Crono CX FRP kit

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The perfect kit for time trials and triathlon

KIT CRONO CX is a bottle and bottlecage kit designed and manufactured to ensure max aerodynamic properties, perfect for time trials and triathlon.

It’s the most used by WorldTour teams bottle and bottlecage aerodynamic kit.

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1 in stock (can be backordered)


The bottle on the KIT CRONO CX features a textured finish, perfect for its aerodynamic penetration while cycling.

It’s no surprise that this kit is one of the most used by pro triathlon athletes and most WorldTour teams.

Liquid flow happens only with a slight touch of the hand on the bottle body, which is squeezable.

Features an air-tight nozzle to avoid and accidental liquid spill even when the bottle is upside down. It also ensures an unidirectional and copious liquid flow, about 47 ml/sec

The bottlecage on the KIT CRONO CX FRP is made in a monocoque structure with totally fibre-reinforced, highly resistant material. It has been carefully designed to reduce those elements not under stress as much as possible and conversely reinforce those areas that actually are, in order to ensure high resistance and durability.

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Weight 300 g


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