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The Wove V8 is well cushioned & provides ample soft tissue relief, has a nose that stays narrower longer to reduce thigh rub, holds the rider in place with a grippy cover.

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The V8 is the time trial + triathlon saddle that will change how you feel about being in the aerobars.

Limited quantity pre-order – shipping in May 2024, 5 units still available.

Our founder, Nick, started professionally fitting athletes in the late 90’s and has conducted over 3,000 bike fits. Through this extensive experience, he gained a deep understanding of common saddle issues that other saddles on the market did not address. Wove was born out of a desire to create a saddle that provides uncompromised performance.

The Wove V8 is well cushioned & provides ample soft tissue relief. The nose stays narrower for longer to reduce thigh rub. The grippy cover holds the rider in place. The squared off nose that prevents rolling off the front and feels good to sit up on for long periods of time. It also includes an integrated water bottle mount, and is low weight.

V8 Value: Compared to decreasing your bike’s weight with lighter wheels, our V8 saddle is 5.5x less expensive per gram shed. (learn more)

  • The V8 is designed to drastically reduce the chance of thigh rubbing and soft tissue pressure when in the aerobars.

  • A one-piece carbon fiber shell and rail construction allows us to achieve a weight under 140g. Despite that, the construction greatly surpasses the industry standards for strength and durability.

  • The rear of the V8 is designed for a behind-the-saddle (bts) water bottle cage to be mounted directly to the shell. Custom water bottle cage mounting hardware is provided with the saddle.

  • 295mm long, keeping within UCI regulation length while maximizing possible aerodynamic gains found with longer saddles and horizontal behind the saddle water bottle placement.

  • Carbon fiber rails are 9mm round.

  • Foam padding provides the comfort you need for long miles in the aerobars and reduces road vibrations.

  • The cover material on the V8 is smooth but with some added grip on the nose to help hold riders in place while in the aerobars.

  • At the widest point, the V8 is approximately 146mm. This is wide enough to be comfortable during longer periods in an upright position.

  • The width of the V8’s nose is approximately 53.8mm. The nose of the V8 is longer and narrower than most other TT saddles.

Graphic of V8 TT+Tri Saddle showing specific qualities

  • Because the shell and rails on Wove’s saddles will last many years, we offer foam/cover replacement. See Warranty link.

  • Please see Instructions for saddle set up.

  • Each saddle ships with hardware to attach a water bottle cage

  • Our own Bottle Retention Loop (sold separately) works perfectly with the V8 TT+Tri Saddle. We have designed it for securing BTS bottle setups to  bigger or non-standard bottles from being ejected.

  • We design and manufacture V8 saddles in the USA.

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