Center Lock disc brake spacers 0.3mm

Metal spacers used to mitigate different manufacturing tolerances so that multiple wheelsets can be used in a bike without adjusting the caliper.

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Changing between wheelsets on disc brake bikes can be frustrating. Due to tolerance stacking, even identical component pairs can cause brake rub. Center Lock disc brake spacers now take care of the issue. You can use them to fine tune each of your wheels, so you can swap between them without adjusting the calipers.

In order for the spacing to work, you need to have properly greased threads on your thru axles. Tightening the axle to a constant torque is also required.

Check out our consulting service for an in depth instruction on how to use disc brake spacers, or join the Rony Kuba Discord group for regular updates on the topic of bike fit and TT bike optimization.

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Weight 100 g

10 pieces, 20 pieces, 50 pieces


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